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Our Staff

Reinvestment Partners is a small group of innovative, passionate, and hardworking folks dedicated to making an impact in our communities.

Who We Are

Adam Rust

Adam Rust

Adam writes BankTalk, a blog about the alternative financial products that serve the unbanked population in America. Unbanked and underbanked are terms that describe adults that lack either a savings or a checking account, or that use alternative financial services such as prepaid debit cards, check cashers, pawn shops, rent-to-own shops, buy-here-pay-here car dealers, and tax refund loans. Adam is also one of the nation’s leading expert on prepaid debit cards, and top researcher of high-cost consumer finance.

  • Equal Housing Opportunity
  • Bank of America
  • BB&T
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation
  • The Burt's Bees Foundation
    The Burt's Bees Foundation
  • City of Durham EWD
  • First Horizon
  • NC Housing Coalition
  • NC Housing Finance Agency
  • Pinnacle Financial Partners
  • UNC - Chapel Hill
  • Wells Fargo